About George Gray

Brother George Gray preaching


I am the youngest of six children and was born in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1948. At the age of three months, my parents discovered problems with my eyes; I was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, which is a build up of pressure within the eye that presses against the optic nerve, eventually killing it. I have had 17 surgeries to relieve the pressure of which some were more successful than others. High pressure from the glaucoma returned to cause more deterioration of my vision.

My mother was a great help and influence in my life; she would tirelessly help me prepare homework assignments and study for tests. I could not have gotten through high school and college without her help! I graduated from Madison High School in Rochester, NY in June, 1966. I continued my education at Buffalo State College where I received both a BS and MS degree in elementary education.

Now totally blind, I learned Braille, which was a big help to me! I also got Rajah, the first of my five Leader Dogs. My blindness caused me to adjust to many situations in life. In 1970 I met and married my wife, the former Bette J. Trail, a nurse working at a local Buffalo hospital. She has been an invaluable help to me and to our ministry. In August 2016, we celebrated 46 years of marriage!

After graduating in 1971 with a MS degree in teaching from Buffalo State College, God gave me a job teaching school in West Seneca, NY. Getting that first job in the teaching field was quite a challenge! I had almost 100 interviews with school personnel before I got my first job! I estimate that Bette helped me complete approximately 150 applications before that first job became a reality! At times, I became very discouraged! My first task was convincing school administrators that although blind….I was able to do the work! During this time God gave us two children, Andrew born in 1972 and Matthew born in 1973.

I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in January of 1971 after a visit from Pastor Loren Andersen of First Baptist Church in W. Seneca, NY! I was saved in the living room of my home in Buffalo, NY. This was truely the greatest day of my life! As I look back now, I can see how God was working and leading in my life. As I was exposed to missionaries and evangelists through the local, New Testament Church, God gave me a burden for the lost. The Lord then led me out of teaching and called me into full time ministry.

In September, 1973, the Lord led me to Liberty Baptist Seminary, in Lynchburg, Virginia. God even provided a part-time teaching job–and I filled out just one application and had just one interview to get it! Through His help, Bette & I were able to provide for our family through those seminary years! This alone was a great spiritual lesson for me, “Wherever God guides, He will provide!”

After graduation from seminary in 1977 God allowed me to pastor two Bible believing, independent, Baptist Churches, one in Pennsylvania and the other in Brewster, Washington. In Washington, the Lord allowed us to start a church nursery, begin a Christian school and to pay off the church indebtedness!

Since 1985 I have been editor of “Circle of Love” which is a cassette tape ministry designed to reach the blind for Christ. Each month hundreds of tapes are sent out across the United States and around the world designed to help the blind find Christ and to grow through His Word. In 1985 our family moved to Texas where we presently live.

Each year in America alone over 50,000 people lose their vision due to accidents or disease. The estimated blind population of the world is 52 million people. We have a desire to reach these people with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and to get them rooted and grounded in good, Bible believing churches wherever possible!

If we can help you or a relative or friend, be sure to let us know! Please use the contact form on this site if you would like more information or if you have other questions. May God bless you!

Bro. George Gray
Circle of Love editor