Pocket Check Guide and Signature Guide

Pocket check guide and signature guide


The following information is provided by George Gray.

Years ago, God gave me an idea to help those who are blind or visually impaired in writing checks and signing documents. A friend helped me in the manufacturing of these items. You can see both of these tools in the photo above.

The pocket check guide is black in color and made out of polypropine plastic with a living hinge. A standard size bank check is placed in the checkguide base. The check is held in place with the corner guides. The templet cover is then closed over the check. All fields on the check can then be filled in…including the memo field! This allows the blind person more independence in paying his/her bills. Cost is $5.50.

The second item in the photo is of a credit card size signature guide. It, too, is made of polypropine plastic and is black in color. The cut out for the signature fits perfectly on either the signature field or the memo field on a standard size bank check. This item is perfect for signing credit card slips, legal documents or personal or business letters. It fits nicely in your wallet or can be put on a keychain. With normal use, the signature guide is virtually indestructable. Cost is $3.25

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